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Brief History of the College

Established on 12 April 1981 under the aegis of Bihar Physical Education Teachers Federation Patna and operated under Mithila Hanumant Vikas Parishad.

Need and importance of physical education

According to the proposal passed by the United Nations in UNESCO in 1978, for the all-round development of the people in every nation and in the national interest, this education has been declared as a compulsory subject at the school and school level, as a result of which there is only one Government Health Physical Education College in the state of Bihar. In view of its need in lakhs of schools with just 160 training arrangements in Patna, the Federation has thousands of primary secondary + 2 degree colleges and technical colleges between 18 districts and 05 divisions O7 universities from the foothills of Northeast India, Nepal to the Mithilanchal of the Bay of Bengal. For the maximum development of the students in the college, in such a large area like Lakshmi Bai National College of Physical Education / University, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, this college of education has been established by the Federation in case the Government of India has not established it compulsorily, while independence After this college campus 65 Km East Saharsa West 60 Km Darbhanga North 45 Km Jhanjharpur Subdivision South 40 Km Birol Subdivision where after independence till 1980 in Harijan Parliamentary Constituency in this remote rural countryside east, in the condition of remaining higher education nagyan The Federation, in order to make up for this pious work for the welfare of the people, discharge the responsibility of the State Government and the Government of India, and to reflect the necessity of education and physical education, yoga and sports science in the public interest, for this, along with this institution, it has established many education institutions, which are under the council. Established and operated as physical education is actually education as it is based on the principles of education. Anyway, the inclusion of exercise education in traditional education has been going on since ancient times. In modern education field, physical education as a subject has been given status by the government as an important part of general education, and this education as a human right. is valid. Under the program of physical education, all types of sports, gymnastics, water sports, folk dances, different types of drill and marching are included. Physical education based on scientific principles is mainly practical education because it is practical to make all round development of individuals through education. The main purpose of education is to inculcate in the program of physical education health, work capacity, endurance, playfulness, intensity, discipline and compliance of the rules in a team in a collective and democratic manner, through proper means in the program of physical education, the ability to make quick decisions in difficult situations, as a good citizen. It gives development of character qualities to come to the fore. The responsibility of physical education yoga sports science teachers in school and extra-school is more than any other teacher. Healthy people are created by these teachers in every way. The nation of healthy people will automatically be healthy. The welfare of mankind is possible only from a healthy nation, physical education which has been proved helpful by encouraging the nation in national building programs by sports science teachers.

co-founder of the college

Dr. K. N. Jha, the founder of the federation, as well as Dr. Ram Lakhan Prasad, Principal, Government Health and Physical Education College, Patna and senior officials, the then Special Secretary of the Education Department, Mr. Narendra Pal Singh, Dr. Prabhat Kumar Khare, in the trend towards this education. Secretary, Govt. of Bihar and Commissioner-cum-Adviser of Education Department, Mr. Vasant Kumar Dubey, Education Minister, Lokesh Nath Jha, Lokayukta, Shridhar Vasudev Sohni, Education Minister, Ghulam Sarwar, along with dignitaries of the region, such as Late Dr.Anudh Jha, who was the then President of Bihar Inter University , and Late Ramchandra Khan IG Police Bihar, Shri Ashutosh Singh Thakur Commissioner Income Tax Bihar, Late Arjun Vikram Shah Minister of State for Sports Bihar, Late Bindeshwari Dubey Chief Minister Bihar, Shri Rameshwar Thakur Minister of State for Finance Government of India, Shri Laxmikant Jha Special Advisor to Prime Minister Government of India, Prof. Bhola Singh, Minister of State, Home Department and State Education Minister, Shri Arun Pathak, Commissioner, Education Department, Late Dr. Nagendra Jha, Education Minister, Shri Hukumdev Narayan Yadav, State Agriculture Minister, Government of India, Dr. C.P. Thakur, Minister, Government of India, with the support and blessings of the said Time was provided in this work, with the help of regional Mr. Surya Nandan Jha, physical education teacher Rasiyari High School and vice-president of the Federation, along with the public cooperation of Mr. Bulan Jha, Mr. Ramchandra Jha of this rural area, as well as in this plot by Lagma rural public Dr. Under the aegis of Dr. K. N. Jha, there was adequate cooperation in land donation and land purchase to the college. In this auspicious work, the cooperation of Dr. K. N. Jha's mother, father, and wife has been full. With the cooperation and religion of these great personalities, by the State Government's Youth Affairs, Sports and Culture Department vide Notification No. 400 dated 29–08–1987 and Notification No. 62 dated 21–01–1989, this college with 225 seats C.P.Ed. The college was recognized in this work. Among the members of the federation, Suryanandan Jha, Mr. Krishna Mohan Jha, Mr. Narayan Chandra Pandit, Mr. Bachchu Pandit, Mr. Ayodhya Sahu, Sant Kumar, Alakhdev Yadav, Mr. Daya Shankar Jha, Mr. Kripanand Jha, Mr. Kanchan Kumar Mr. Sanjesh Mohan Thakur, Mr. Narendra Kumar Jha, Mr. Dev Shankar Chowdhary, Dr.Mahendra Jha Scientist Pune, Rural Area Mr. Bulan Jha, Mr. Ramchandra Jha etc. In this premises account number 634 Khesra – 201, 203,300, account number 315 Khesra 335 337 account number 69 Khesra 187 account number 78 Khesra 188 account number 3827 Khesra 188 account number 108 Khesra 189 first block 8 bigha besides Mithila Hanumant Vikas Parishad under which The institution is operated in the land premises of account number 68 khesra 18 khesra 289 one bigha one kattha 15 dhur council, total in one section 9 bigha one kattha 1 dhur land is in use of the college second block account number 314 khesra number 621,622,623, 12 bigha 6 Kattha 4 Dhur, with the cooperation of the rural people, the common land is also being useful as per the requirement, in this way a total of about 21 bighas has been being used in the sports program of this college. PS: The Government has given permanent recognition vide Notification No. 213 dated 31-03-1995. Under the leadership of M. Dr. K. N. Jha, Government's Personnel Department's letter no. 147 dated October 2, 1994 declared Physical Education as Vocational Education. Further, Government of India has declared Diploma in Physical Education by its letter no.: - 30756 dated: - 03-03-2015. (D.P.Ed.) 2-year recognized course with one unit 50 seats. Here the course is running in the college from the said date and the Bihar School Examination Committee has also given affiliation for the examination on its letter no. 53 dated 06-03-2021.

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